Kyle Bourdlaies

September 9, 2016

"Hi Veronica,
Working with your agent Court Wilson for home purchase in Carlsbad this summer was simply amazing. Court was able to do magical things through the purchase and negotiation process, and made escrow a breeze. Of about six other agents I've tried to buy with, there wasn't one with a stronger characteristic in than the range of skills my favorite agent has. If I was forced to complain, I would say he knew our taste so well that every house he showed me was a good as the other. But when I came to selecting the right house to meet my timeline, Court accurately identified the top pics tactically and strategically.
Demonstrating total understanding of my needs as a client and exercising complete control, we found the literally perfect house for my family and paid exactly what I planned to afford for this venture. If every realtor in the market had Court's skills, there would be drive-thru windows on realtor offices. What some realtors see as a mountainous problem, Court treats as a pebble (and skips it off the water with panache).
I am so pleased to have been referred to this agent, which was a recommendation furnished solely on a well deserved top-rating in Coldwell.
Kyle Bourdlaies" 

Lyle and Laura Gearhart

November 4, 2013

"Dear Roni,
My wife and I are delighted to review the performance of Court Wilson. We hired Court to sell our home when the market suddenly turned from frothy to uncertain as the Federal Reserve talked about tapering stimulus to the US economy. Residential housing dipped and we were stuck between a rock and a hard spot: cut the price or invest money to update our thirty year old home.
We are truly fortunate to have had Court as our Realtor, as doing what comes naturally for him includes a strong sense of duty, responsibility, and reliability. Court took our listing very seriously and felt deeply about the results. Court spent many weekends holding open houses for real estate agents and the public. He was pretty much responsible for the presentability of the home as we moved away to Texas over a year ago. Being a team oriented person, Court organized and managed the plan for the gardener, a house stager, a carpet company and us. He was successful in a modest and effective manner. 
Court understood our decision making parameters and the product he was selling. Our lovely home was 30 years old and in need of updating from every standpoint. We rented the house for a year before we listed the home with Court, so although it was painted and in pretty good shape, it was not new and it was not green. Based on Court's recommendations, we replaced carpeting on the second floor and adding some flowers at the entryway. Court was not afraid to ask the difficult questions in order to provide better information and a better product. 
We were able to close on our home a couple of days ago because of Court's outstanding performance. Court is always positive, encouraging and confident and even accessible, even on weekends. We recommend Court unequivocally to anyone in need of real estate assistance.
Best Regards,
Lyle and Laura Gearhart" 

Bill Mac Gillivray

January 22, 2012

"Hi Roni,
My wife and I just closed escrow on a new home in Encinitas. Our agent was/is Court Wilson.
Every so often (and not frequently enough) someone does a fantastic job and it cries for reward. Court met Suzy, my wife, at an open house 8 or 9 months ago. He was trying to sell it and Suzy (at the time) was only looking for a rental. Never the less they got on well and began sending each other emails - with no idea how to would work out. Suzy kept the eithernet saturated possible homes, Court would weigh in on them, and so forth.
Suzy and I returned to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the middle of the year. Within three months, it became obvious that I had to spend more time at sea level (Santa Fe is at 7000 feet) and we came back to Encinitas. Suzy renewed her acquaintance with Court, although they had keeping up by email.
Wouldn't you know it Suzy found a house that we both could agree was a good fit. Court vetted it for us and agreed it met our parameters. Back and forth go the offers and counter offers, until we finally got to escrow by way of background, I was never going to own property in California (where I had lived for more than 40 years). The owners were a financial group who couldn't care less about the condition of the house (it was in fact retched). Talk about a tough audience!! My point is that Court kept his cool, made sure that Suzy and I were in sync on what was important and what was trivial - all through the 4+ weeks of escrow (it was a cash sale). The sellers were very difficult but Court shielded us from it (the facts were what was important) and gave Suzy a huge amount of good vendor ideas, a working map to guide, and a number of skilled "big picture" guys to consult. Needless to say we are both happy with the house, and the improvements that must be done - and I don't think it would have happened at all if Court had not been as delightful, competent, and resourceful as he is. He should be congratulated!!!
To coin a phrase, Court will continue to have our ear.
Bill Mac Gillivray" 

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